Welcome to Trails & Traipses.  If you’ve stumbled across the site early in 2013, you’ll find the content a bit sparse as I’m only just starting to build… and frankly I’m not sure what I’m doing!

The site is primarily for my own motivation, but I hope you enjoy reading and that maybe it encourages one or two more people to go explore the world on foot.

What’s it about?

Trails and Traipses is a walker’s personal view of the world as seen from the trail.  Walks, thoughts about walking, thoughts from walks.  It’s low-tech, just like me, and is about walking for fun.  City walks as well as country walks.  Country parks as well more remote wanderings.

I’m not precious about walking.  It’s just something I love to do and haven’t done enough of recently.

What’s its not…

I won’t be giving out detailed route maps – though I’ll be as helpful as I can.   I’m unlikely to get into reviewing the technical kit.  I’m not an extreme walker.  Happiness is dry socks – so I care about my boots – beyond that, I’m a middle of the roader gear-wise.

Drinking nectar, Marston Marsh

Drinking nectar, Marston Marsh

Why now?

I’m fifty, fat and unfit.  A definite case of two out of three BEING bad.  The first is inevitable.  The other two it’s time to do something about.   With the loss of my parents, a change of job, and professional exams, walking has fallen by the wayside.  I’ve effectively had three years off – and gained a stone for each one of them.  Ouch!

My boots haven’t exactly been gathering dust for the duration. But they haven’t got as muddy as they should as often as I’d like.  Time to rectify that.


I’ll share my thoughts on the grand views and the small details.  And probably any idle rambles that pop into my head along the way.  I hope you find something to amuse, entertain or even inspire.


Let’s go for a walk!


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